In 1995 John F. Kennedy was looking for a way to serve customers with his love, skills, and passion. JFK wanted to provide a real service that a customer could really love, that's when JFK started JFK Mobile Car Wash & Detail Service, a system designed to cater to the busy working class, busy professional, and the busy business owner. JFK designed a self contained mobile car wash and detail system which he took directly to those busy customers who really didn't have time to maintain their automobile appearances, but in fact wanted to. This unique service was really loved by hundreds of customers over the years.

In 1998 JFK Mobile Car Wash & Detail Service moved into the trucking industry, and became JFK Powerwashing Service, where we service trucking companies, truck dealers, trailer dealers, trailer leasing companies, and storage trailer rental companies. Over the years JFK Powerwashing service mastered a two step wash system that removes oxidized paint from trailers and makes the unit look like new.

In 2000 JFK Powerwashing service incorporated decal removing and officially became JFK Powerwashing & Decal Removal, Inc., where over the years we mastered the art of removing decals from any truck or trailer substrate, and became known as the southeast preferred Powerwashing and decal removal company.

In 2007 JFK Powerwashing & Decal Removal incorporated environmental Powerwashing and decal removal into the business plan and invested heavily in environmental cleaning and decal removal equipment. We also provided a spot up trailer service for our customers by providing our own yard truck to move the units that are being worked on, a service our customers find most rewarding.

In 2008 and moving forward JFK Powerwashing & Decal Removal, Inc. will continue to serve our customers with integrity, reliability, professionalism, time saving solutions, and of course money saving remedies.



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